Jesus had appointed 70 additional disciples to go out in pairs to preach and teach. They returned triumphant and we pick up the narrative in Luke 10:21, 22 – “In that hour Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit and said, ‘I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight. All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.'” “All things have been delivered to Me” – this is Jesus’ declaration of total authority as the Son of God. Jesus declares His unique relationship with God the Father. The Lord reveals Himself only through Jesus. To know God, one must know His Son, Jesus. Enjoy your weekend brothers and sisters – bundle up, it’s gonna be a cold one!

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