Tango Blues CD Review

The new CD Tango Blues reviewed by Vincente Zumel for “La Hora Del Blues” in Spain: “For more than 50 years singer, harmonica player, songwriter and guitarist Gypsy Carns has been active in the music business world. He has been often on the road, but his enthusiasm and passion for music has not lost an inch and remains the same as when he was a young boy. Gypsy Carns  started playing in clubs and bars in 1963 and, since then on, he has not stopped perform all over the USA and also in such different countries like Japan, China, France, Germany, England, Italy, Holland, Israel, or Brazil. Gypsy Carns is an expert in dobro and twelve-string guitar. Besides, the way he plays with his slide has no waste, the sound he pulls out of his small cylindrical metal tube is clean and bright, a real gift for the ears. This Gypsy Carns new album will be a revelation for his fans, because he moves away from his usual style to give us ten instrumental songs that will surprise most listeners. This time Carns cleverly combines Delta blues with small format Oriental music and he does it only backed by his guitars, dobros, harmonicas and different percussion instruments, which makes as a result a very singular music. VERY GOOD.”


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