AZAL (Gypsy Carns) Elijah Returns

AZAL (Gypsy Carns)
‘Elijah Returns’
Christian Rock / Hard Rock/ Prophetic
By C.W. Ross

Singer/songwriter Gypsy Carns has been around playing his music since in the early 1960′s under several different incarnations, mostly though as a Dobro master blues artist. For his latest album ‘Elijah Returns’ though he has taken on the persona of AZAL, a Native American musician that God is using to channel the book of Daniel, dealing with its end time messages.

Gypsy has poured his heart into this album, spending over a year and a half of time making it, including 40 days of fasting and hundreds of hours of prayers. Joining him once again on the project are the same studio musicians that he’s used on his last three releases, Michael Brignardello (bass) and Greg Morrow (drums). Rounding things out is Brad Vosburg (engineer, producer, final mixes and drums on “Fallen” and “YAHWEH, You Are All”).

Unlike on past albums where Gypsy has either gone for a straight blues sound or mixed it with elements of alt. country and folk rock for ‘Elijah Returns’ he’s gone all in on a heavy rock sound complete with tons of wailing guitars, big drums, and hard driving vocals. Gypsy’s also turned in his signature Dobro playing to showcase his prowess on the Peavey Power Slide guitar.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gypsy for a few years now, reviewing his last several releases, and I can tell you that he’s a straight shooter that doesn’t sugar coat anything when it comes to the Word of God. He takes his mission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in these End Times very serious, not altering scripture in any way to achieve either more commercial success or popularity with his music. He says that, “We are living in the end times, I believe that. We must be aware that the opportunity to achieve eternal salvation has a deadline and we are rapidly approaching it.”

The songs found on ‘Elijah Returns’ deal with the need to make the decision to hear God’s call on your life and make the decision to live totally for Him before time runs out and it’s too late for you.

The album also takes on other issues like on the track, “Jesus Gives” dealing with people searching for material things to fill the void that they have in their life, trying to get fancier cars and homes or even turning to drugs and alcohol to try achieving a short term inner peace. The only true answer will come when they accept Jesus, who is the only real door to happiness and eternal life.

“Wells Without Water” is a track dealing with the issue of preachers teaching their own perverted version of the Bible, twisting the meaning of scriptures to fit their own selfish needs.

I was also intrigued when I first listened to the track, “Kevin’s Law.” I wasn’t exactly sure what it was so I decided to go on the Internet and research the subject. What I found out was that Kevin’s Law was named in memory of two-year-old Kevin Kowalcyk from Colorado who died in 2001 after eating a hamburger contaminated with E. coli. The law was introduced in 2005 and would strengthen the government’s ability to prevent contaminated meat and poultry from entering the food supply. The bill still hasn’t been passed into law though due to lobbying from corporate meat processors.

With every new release I get the honor of hearing from Gypsy Carns he continues to impress me with his musical talents but more important is his role as a musical prophet of God’s True Word.

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