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AwAreness: what we eat

Posted in Gypsy Carns on May 15, 2010 by Gypsy Carns

Saw an interesting movie last week – Food, Inc.  What a wake up call America.  If you have not viewed this film I encourage it – it is on the internet for free – about an hour and 45 minutes.   It takes you through what America has become in the quest for fast food.   Not for the faint of heart as the truth is discussed about how inhumane the animals are treated in the factory farming business.

It is basically not food – it is “product.”  It’s all about the money not the food.  Much of the chicken you eat  is engineered genetically to have more white meat, so much so that the chicken cannot even walk  ( at my house we rarely eat chicken or beef – but if we do it is grain feed and not factory farmed). Corn has been engineered not to stale in the store.  Soybeans have been altered as well.

As for the poor cattle farming market….well this is what you are eating from any fast food establishment.  Cows naturally consume grass..but are fed a high corn diet resulting in e-coli built up inside the animal.  Coli 0157:H7 is the predominant culprit and is a product of the diet on a feed lot.  The animal stands ankle-deep in manure all day long.  The slaughter-house kills around 400 animals an hour..that manure is on the cows hide, then it gets in the meat..starting to get the picture.  In one hamburger pattie you could be eating up to a 1,000 different animals.

There are 3 main companies that run the food business.  They have lobbyists in Congress who get paid to initiate legislation for lax health bills.  The Federal courts said the USDA could not shut down plants for cleanliness or contamination tests.  On the board of the FDA are ex-employees from the 3 big food producers…

To make matters worse these companies sucker in the farmers, get them started, then make demands on upgrading equipment, using the seed the companies have genetically altered, or facing the lawyer war if the farmers do not cooperate.  70% of our food has some genetically modified ingredient.

There is a law in congress – Kevin’s Law – to help put limitations on the companies who are monopolizing this industry.  It is named for a child who died from e-coli poisoning.  I have written a song in his honor.  You can listen to it on my website..  under the MUSIC heading…on the new CD  – Elijah Returns – first track. 

Of course this goes against all Godly plans for this earth.  How it must hurt our creator to see the suffering all the way up and down the food chain.  The mistreatment of animals, the food humans consume making them sick..all the while the fat cats get richer.  God makes it very clear – His stance on big business – 1 Timothy 6: 10 – For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves with many sorrows.   Below are the lyrics to Kevin’s Law.  I encourage you to take the time to educate yourselves about this issue – it impacts your lives more than you know.

KEVIN’S   LAW                         (Carns)  5/3/10   TTM  c  BMI 2010 

Mr. Businessman choke on your greed. Scammin’ America with what you feed.

Production farming goes against God’s grace, You are destroying the human race.

You buy your laws with money from blood,  Millions of cattle that live in the mud.

You breed E coli, but don’t give a damn,  About the animal or the man.

Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law – come on  Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law – come on

The FDA is a lie and a bribe,  Your own employees are the ones who decide.

You make the laws that shelter your way,  I tell you now God will have the last say.

Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law – come on Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law – come on

You’re killing us one bite at a time, Engineering food that will make us blind.

You buy the lobbyists who pay for your laws, Don’t care about the symptom or cause.

You own the farmers, the seeds they plant too,  If they object your lawyers sue.

Your god the devil is your only friend,  First Timothy 6:10

Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law – come on Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law – come on 

Come On  Come On  Come On  Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law  

Come on and vote for Kevin’s Law   Come On   Come On – VOTE!